Cheers to new beginnings!!

Hey fellow bloggers and bloggettes!!! So today,after much thought I have decided to create my own blog on my weight loss journey. Idk what I’m doing yet but I feel compelled to share with you how I feel and the changes I have seen and hopefully will continue to in the future. I also wanted a place where people could connect, feel apart of, and maybe even find help,encouragement and support in a journey of their own. I’m here to help not only myself but to whomever needs that boost also. Let’s do it together!


14 thoughts on “Cheers to new beginnings!!”

      1. Good morning Erica. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to reply back until now. How are you? How is your weight loss and healthy eating going? I love your recipes by the way. I am sure I will put them to good use soon. Thank you for sharing recipes. I always need new healthy recipes. Hugs, Sue


      2. Hi there…I’m doing great today…and how are you feeling? My journey goes well and strong still….actually having my dinner shake right now…I weighed in today and was down another pound…and every pound down is always progress. How about you? How has your health journey been? I know it can get rough sometimes. I love hearing that you enjoy my recipes, that’s wonderful and i will.make sure to add more daily!…maintaining a healthy lifestyle will never work if you don’t change it up and try new things…you also learn so much about what you like and don’t like and maybe even come up with some twists to my recipes that you might like to share!.

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      3. I am doing well and I had a good day. I am still doing well on my diet. This is only day five. My initial goal was to start in January and things happened, but I was still trying until I got sick and then that was it. All done. So it has taken me this long to finally get back on track. I felt well enough and motivated enough finally. Let’s be honest disgusted enough about my body that I am ready. Here I come and go. I lost about four pounds, because it is always easy to lose at first. Keep on keeping on. ~Sue

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      4. I understand that…im sorry to hear that you became sick…but I’m happy to hear that you overcame it and are doing better now…and down 4 pounds is great news! Congrats!….Can I ask you a question? Have you ever considered trying a weight loss system?


      5. Yes I am…I have been on for about 4 weeks now and I feel super amazing…it’s definitely pricey but i went for it bc i was tired of trying everything else….and so far I love it


      6. I’ve lost about 11 pounds…My energy is up, my attitude about losing weight is just so completely different…it’s fun also bc its so common and so many people are using it so it really helps to connect with others who have so much in common. I just recently became an Herbalife Distributor myself bc I enjoy it that much


      7. That is awesome. Congratulations. I might have to check out Herbalife. It sounds good and healthy and it us obviously working for you. Keep up the good work. Your my I inspiration. Thank you for helping me on my weight loss journey.


      8. Thank you…it gets hard at times even for me but when you really want something there is no stopping you.If and when you are ready to check out herbalife I can and will help you. Just be sure it would be something you want to do. If done properly with focus and dedication the results can be wondrous. There is something for everyone. We can get you there Sue!…Well you have a wonderful night and I will be in touch!


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